The CBP strategic approach to intellectual property rights enforcement is multi-layered and includes seizing counterfeit goods at the border, pushing the border outward through audits of infringing importers and cooperation with our international trading partners, and partnering with industry and other government agencies to enhance these efforts.  CBP officers and import specialists are aggressively working together to intercept shipments containing counterfeit and pirated items.

Recent CBP IP counterfeit seizures at the US border include:


- Laredo CBP Seize $881,000 in Counterfeit DVD Players

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers from Laredo Port of Entry on August 24th seized a shipment of DVD players valued at $881,000 that infringed on two trademarks recorded with CBP.


CBP officers assigned to the World Trade Bridge Export Lot targeted a shipment containing DVD players bound for export for an enforcement examination. During the examination, CBP officers discovered that the DVD players contained the DVD and Dolby Digital brand names, which are trademark recorded with CBP.


The merchandise seized included a combined total of 1,160 packages containing 5,800 DVD players. The estimated domestic value of the DVD players is about $113,000 and the manufacturer's suggested retail price, if the trademark had been genuine, would have been $881,000.


Source: CBP