Operation Strike Out, which commenced at the beginning of the American League and National League Championship Series, has resulted in the seizure of 58 commercial websites that sold and distributed counterfeit sports paraphernalia. ICE special agents have also seized 5,347 items with a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $134,862.


The seizure of the 58 domain names is the seventh phase of "Operation In Our Sites," a sustained law enforcement initiative to protect consumers by targeting counterfeiting and piracy over the Internet. In June 2010, the IPR Center began "Operation In Our Sites." Since the launch of this operation in June 2010, the IPR Center has seized a total of 200 domain names and redirected those domain names to a seizure banner.


The 58 domain names seized in this phase of "Operation In Our Sites," were all commercial websites engaged in illegally selling and distributing counterfeit sports paraphernalia. Once the materials were confirmed to be counterfeit or otherwise illegal, ICE HSI special agents obtained seizure orders from federal magistrate judges for the domain names of the websites that sold or distributed the items. The seized counterfeit items infringed on the copyrights or trademarks owned by: Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League and the National Hockey League.


ICE HSI special agents operated in multiple teams to identify stores and vendors selling counterfeit trademarked items. These teams - operating in Dallas; Detroit; Milwaukee, Wis.; and St. Louis - have seized 5,347 items of phony World Series-related memorabilia along with other counterfeit Major League Baseball and sports related items to date totaling $134,862. Ball caps, t-shirts, jackets, tickets and other souvenirs are among the counterfeit merchandise and clothing confiscated. Three individuals were also arrested on federal and state counterfeiting violations.